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A Guide To American Airlines Cancellation Policy

Find here American change and cancellation policy and change your flight without paying extra cost. Refund your money within 24-hours...

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American Airlines Change & Cancellation Policy

American airline has recently changed it’s 24 hour cancellation policy as well as refund policy but this time it is much better than before. Read further to know about the changes made by airline to policies.


American Airlines Cancellation Policy

Now airline will allow customers to cancel without any cost within 24 hours of booking an ticket purchased for flights as close as prior to 2 days of departure . earlier it only covered ticket booked 7 days before departure.

Airline now offers their customers to put ticket on hold for as long as 24 hours prior purchasing or gives minimum 24 hours after booking a flight cancel without any penalty or even if ticket is non-refundable although it only applies to ticket reserved seven days before departure

Along with DOT (department of transportation), American airline provide their customer either put ticket on hold option before purchasing ticket.

Earlier, American joined with the DOT rule by providing a 24-hour free hold possibility prior to purchasing tickets. But after a fault fare in 2015 which led headache for the airline and made to settlement with DOT regarding holds the carrier then shifted to a 24-hour cancellation policy in April 2016.

The current 24-hour policy, which took in place for a few months and refined in recent days, also concern American Flight ticket redeemed in at least two days ahead of departure. This means if a space suddenly open up and you want to reserve then, you can do so having knowledge that you can cancel within 24 hours and do not have to pay redeposit fee — so long as your flight depart at least two days after reservation.

Customers will also no longer have to abandon and request a refund for tickets in two different steps. If still there is any confusion regarding the same customers can contact American airlines change policy to also their query and speak to the expert or can also drop the mail plus can visit help desk on official page.

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