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Group Booking Procedure In Qatar Air

How to book Group flight ticket with Qatar Airways and manage flight booking at the reasonable price...

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Qatar Airways Group Booking

While travelling every passenger tries doing his or her trip in most economical budget possible, especially if you are travelling to some other country. And in that case, one looks for cheapest flight fares and hotel bookings. And if you are wondering which airline to choose for low cost flight tickets then you can choose Qatar Air for travelling in Asia or anywhere else. Qatar Air is few of those low cost flights that have international flights at much cheaper rates.

Group bookings in Qatar Air

Flying by Qatar Airways has its own perks and Qatar Airways group bookings are one of them. If you are travelling in a big group and the number of people travelling in that group is more than 10 then your reservation will fall in group reservations. The biggest advantage of booking flight in group i that you get more discount on more bookings.

How to book group flights in Qatar Air?

1. Just like the normal booking procedure, first of all go to the official website of the airline.

2. Now enter the name of the city you are travelling to and from as well as the date of travelling with returning

3. Move next and mention the number of people travelling in the group with their names specifying the number of adults and kids.

4. Having filled all the details, search for the flights and pick one flight that suits your timings and date

5. Make payment and complete the booking by confirming the payment. And you will be done.

And you are ready to fly! With group bookings, you also get other amenities just like group discount, easy cancellations and refunds. You also get attractive baggage allowance and free meals on the flight. And for more information related to how to book group flight tickets in Qatar Airways, contact the customer care team.

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