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How Do I Get A Refund From Southwest Airlines?

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How to claim Southwest flight refund?

1. For claiming refund you need to contact the reservation authority.

2. You can either ring up on reservation helpline number or fill up refund form available online

3. If you have cancelled ticket within 24 hours of booking then you will be refunded the entire amount

4. But if you cancel ticket that was booked ages ago, a certain part will be refunded depending upon the type of ticket.

5. And hence once you are done with above steps now you can easily rebook your ticket. To know how to re book a cancelled flight on Southwest you can follow below steps.

Steps to rebook a cancelled flight:

1. Visit the official website of Southwest airlines

2. Once done click on book a flight option

3. As you click booking page will open

4. You would need to fill the same details as you must have filled during booking at first place

5. Enter the date of departure and return as well as the destination you plan to go this time

6. Next enter the number of adults and children will be travelling with you or you are travelling alone

7. Also specify the class you want to book your reservations in

8. If you have any promo code then you can enter that and avail some discount

9. Once done move further and click on search option

10. Depending upon the filters you have applied you will receive list of flights matching your schedule

11. Choose one and move further to make payments and this time make sure while making bookings

And you are done with your re-booking process. In case of any further doubt or query you can contact on customer care support. Sometimes airlines cancel reservations in case of bad weather or emergency. In such case you can call them up and ask for any solution by telling Southwest cancelled my flight.

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